The practice of inhaling vapors with aromas and flavors has become popular around the world, this may be influenced by the idea that such activity is helping to reduce cases of death from lung cancer and other consequences of the vice of smoking.

Just as it is said all this also there are other myths and truths about vaping Each of them we will detail below, knowing in this way what is the current reality about the consumption of e-cigarettes or vaporizers.

At the same time, we will establish whether this practice can ultimately be a positive advance for humanity or against it, another way of deceiving and polluting the human body is being established.

Although we must say from since the act of starting to vape is in the hands of each person in a personal and individual way, beyond any of the myths and truths about vaping that we can mention here.

This is a myth that has no argument, several studies have been carried out and it has not been possible to verify that the people around you may be affected by the steam that your e-cigarette produces.

This is to be expected because if for us as active consumers of these products it does not affect our health at all, much less would be expected for others to suffer some kind of affectation.

In fact most experts claim that the term passive vaper is incorrect, simply because this person does not exist.As you can see these are only 5 Myths and truths about vaping,of course there are many more.

Although the reality is that this type of practice does not dam some kind of danger to the human health of the vaper, nor of the people near it.

The substances that make up the liquid turn out to be totally non-toxic to the body, while those who decide to place nicotine at their vaporized do so in a recommended way, in order to abandon this substance step by step.

Likewise the amount of this is minimal and it is in liquid state, making it less harmful, compared to the nicotine commonly used in conventional cigar.

In fact, some organism recommends the use of vaporizers to avoid health complications, in turn reducing the number of deaths from lung cancer, the main disease caused by smoking.

With this we give you to understand that you can hear dozens of myths and truths about vaping,however you must know the reality, the truths that we have exposed you, so that you are calm if you want to buy a vaporizer and start vaping.


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