Jackets and jerseys

Both garments are indispensable for girls’ outings. Even in summer, when night falls and the temperature drops, it will help protect you. Denim jackets are very popular among small and easy to combine. Also the leather ones, but in this case they are reserved for autumn and winter.

There are also a wide variety of jerseys, for the tastes of all. Some classics and others with more modern and fun styles. Choose from thicker or thinner fabrics, depending on the season you’re buying it for.

In this case, buying solid colored jerseys will also make them easier to combine with other garments.

Leggings and comfortable trousers

Leggings are one of the basics of women’s wardrobe,not just girls. These are ideal for game days as it is easier to move with these than with a jeans or skirt.

For the holidays you can also get a great look by combining them with appropriate garments. They can be worn with any type of shoes: sports shoes, dancers, sandals or boots. A comfortable T-shirt and a hat of the girl’s favorite style will look great.

In addition to the leggings, there are more comfortable, sporty style trousers, ideal for gaming afternoons. They’re casual, but if you want your daughter to have a sporty look, they’re the best alternative. Pair them with a T-shirt or sweater and sneakers.

Boots and sneakers

In addition to flirtatious, girls are also very active. They’ll be playing and running all the time. So the best thing for them is to buy sneakers. Taking advantage of the very different styles and models that can be combined with your casual clothes.

Another option is boots. They have to be very comfortable to suit their level of activity.

Stylish party clothes

You just saw the clothes your daughter should have for the day-to-day. But the basic wardrobe for girls also includes party clothes.


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